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UmCLK is a versatile reference clock solution for embedded systems.

UmCLK is evolution of legendary ClockTamer even it has internal ClockTamer v2.0 codename. It's still using well-known ClockTamer GUI and ClockTamer wire protocol, so adapting your application to UmCLK won't be a problem.

It allows you to vary reference clock of UmTRX or other SDR transceivers in a flexible way with maximum performance.

UmCLK works perfect as an external 26 MHz clock source and UmTRX output signal meets GSM specification requirements thanks to high quality VCTCXO oscillator and modern fractional/integer synthesizer chip ADF4355-2 from ADI.

UmCLK also allows you to syncronize clock and 1PPS signals for up to 4 SDR transceivers from single UmCLK board and can be used as RF signal generator from 54 MHz to 4400 MHz for high quality RF/IF converters. 

More information about UmCLK:

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Special note for Russian customers: Our official distributor in Russia is OOO "UmRadio". Please, contact us to get actual pricing information for Russian end-users.

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