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UmTRAY is a version of UmTRX with a heatsink, designed for 5.25" trays. So you could insert it instead of your CD-ROM and get a nicely packaged dual-channel wide-band SDR transceiver with 1GbE connection. It is developed to be used as a transceiver for OpenBTS and OsmoBTS GSM base stations, but due to its SDR nature it could be used for many other applications as well.

UmTRX project web-site:


Technical details

UmTRX is an SDR transceiver inspired by USRP N series. If you worked with USRP N you will find it familiar, but there are significant differences which are described below as well.

  • Single board with an integrated RF part.
  • Optimized for industrial use and high MTBF.
  • 1GbE Ethernet connectivity to a computer.
  • Two full-duplex RF channels (side "A" and "B" in UHD).
  • Single chip transceivers LMS6002D are used for AD/DA and RF processing (300MHz to 3.8GHz)
  • Stable reference clocks:
    • 26MHz TCXO (integer multiple of GSM sample rate) with 100ppb frequency stability.
    • DAC for TCXO frequency fine tuning.
    • Integrated GPS module for automatic TCXO frequency stabilization.
    • External clock source is possible.
  • Thermal sensors for temperature based calibration.
  • 100mW @ 900MHz, 50mW @ 1800MHz RF output power  (without a duplexer).
  • 8-28V DC input power supply.
  • Spartan 6 LX75 FPGA.


GSM specific info

UmTRX was designed to be easy to use to use with OpenBTS and OsmoBTS. So far it's the easiest way to get them up and running in your lab.

  • Quad-band support without any changes
  • 100-200m coverage (with an external duplexer and a small omni antenna).
  • >2km coverage with an external 2W GSM repeater and a patch antenna
  • Two independent TRXs (*).
  • Single-ARFCN and Multi-ARFCN support.

(*) OpenBTS doesn't support the second channel on UmTRX yet. We're working to implement this and plan to release this soon.


UmTRX package contents

  • UmTRXv2.1, flashed and ready to use.
  • Power supply, 12V/30W -
  • U.FL-to-SMA-F pigtail cables.
  • Two small GSM antennas - one for Tx and one for Rx.
  • An active GPS antenna.
  • Thermal pads.

Note 1: The power supply comes without a 220V power cord. Make sure to prepare one before you receive the UmTRX to be able to power it on immediately. ;)

Note 2: You'll need a heatsink or a fan to prevent UmTRX from overheating during long continuous operation. We provide thermal pads, but you have to find a heatsink by yourself. HDD heatsinks are good options, because UmTRX has almost the same size as an HDD. 

Shipping from: European Union, Latvia

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