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ClockTamer is discontinued. UmCLK - the next generation ClockTamer is available there:

ClockTamer is a device manufactured by Fairwaves to provide a low-cost small-size configurable clock generator. It is was specifically designed to be used with USRP, but nothing prevents you from using it with other device of your choice given it has external clock input.

ClockTamer is an Open-Source Software and an Open-Source Hardware (OSH) project. All schematics, bill of materials and components placement are published at ClockTamer project web-site.

ClockTamer may be used as a reference clock, e.g. for:

Technical parameters

Available here.

Installed outputs:

  • 2 x CMOS
  • 3 x LVDS
  • 2 x LVDS with negative wire terminated with 50 Ohm resistor

Note: Only one CMOS output is enabled by default! Enable other outputs manually if you want to use them.

Note: If more then one output is enabled, ClockTamer may not work if you power it from USRP! External power supply is required in this case.

Packaging include

  • ClockTamer-1.3 with 2 CMOS, 3 LVDS and 2 half-LVDS outputs
  • U.FL-to-SMA cable (to connect to USRP clock-in)
  • 2-wire power cable (to connect to USRP fan connector)

Schematics, firmware sources, host library sources and other information is available from the ClockTamer project page.

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